Wednesday, September 30, 2009

N-energy benefits should not remain confined to few: PM

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buying home to get safer, new real estate bill mooted

There is no place for violence or so-called armed struggle for liberation in a republican, democratic form of government.

“Left-wing extremism is the gravest challenge to our way of life, our republic and our democracy,” he said of the banned CPI (Maoist).
“Our policy on left-wing extremism is very clear. There is no place for violence or so-called armed struggle for liberation in a republican, democratic form of government.
“They believe in armed liberation struggle. We reject that argument. So long any one indulges in violence, the State has to oppose and fight the group,” he said.
He said the Centre had made it clear at the recent Chief Ministers’ Conference in New Delhi that the so-called armed liberation struggle was unacceptable, and the police would act against it.
Earlier, Mr. Chidambaram said in Raipur that the Centre was committed to fighting naxalism and would provide all help to the Chhattisgarh government to eradicate the extremists.

Justice no longer delayed

In an interview to a national daily this week, Moily said his ministry is planning to set up 5,000 new courts in the next three years, each working in three shifts to clear a backlog of  27.4 million cases pending in trial courts.

The Moily ministry’s roadmap for judicial reforms sees court cases resolved in just a year. At present, some cases drag on for 15 years or more.
Also in the pipeline are time limits for delivering verdicts, laptops for trial court judges and retired judges pitching in with their time.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lack of media outcry against naxalite violence criticised

“Despite the fact that naxalites have been carrying out the worst atrocities, there is very little public outcry. When Kopad Ghandy is arrested, we see intellectuals are protecting him. But when tribals are killed by the Maoists, the intellectuals and NGOs [are silent.]”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The military should be allowed to launch a drive against the drug mafia

A deep nexus exists between the police and the drug mafia in India.

He said the military should be allowed to launch a drive against the drug mafia, as the police had failed in that respect.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Crime tracking network system by 2011-12: Chidambaram

The home minister asked technocrats to help the government build a National Counter-terrorism Centre on the lines of the US.

"If the US can have a National Counter-terrorism Centre, why can't we have one in India. So, I wish that your entrepreneurial activities will help us build a sound technology-based system that will enhance the security and efficiency in India...," he said. 

Higher police officials need to raise voice against arbitrary act of State Governments

"Why do you remain silent when arbitrary postings and transfers are made by the state government? Is it not your duty, as the head of state police, to raise your voice not only on behalf of your officers but also on behalf of the people that you are duty bound to protect?" he asked.

Setting up PEBs in states and UTs is only one of the directives made by the apex court on police reforms. Other directives include setting up State Security Commissions to ensure that a state government does not exercise unwarranted influence or pressure on cops; separate the investigation and law and order functions of the police; merit-based appointment of police chiefs; and setting up of police complaint authorities. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On terrorism, our stance is zero tolerance

“Let me state our position clearly. On terrorism, our stance is zero tolerance. We shall raise our level of preparedness to fight any terror attack and, in the case of threat or attack, our response will be swift and decisive,” he said adding that policing in India was always a challenge and after 26/11, the challenge had become graver.

On the threat posed by left-wing extremism, he said various groups were adhering to this “outdated ideology” and had pockets of influence in 20 States.

Through community policing and other innovative measures we must detect and deny any opportunity to our adversaries. Intelligence is the key.