Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that. But I am an Indian first. And Mumbai belongs to all Indians.

What does one mean by 'politics'? Indians must be aware of those who tries to divide this great nation. Some tries to divide it on the basis of religion, some on the basis of language, some on basis of baseless ideas, as they says "Kashmiri People", god knows what does that mean. Tomorrow some people could come and try to divide this nation on the basis of one's size of hair! Liberty is the only condition of growth. Nothing should be imposed upon anybody, whether language, or religion or anything else, except taxes. Those who do unconstitutional acts should be dealt with the firm hand of law. No excuse; mo matter who he is.
Even if Sachin is not in politics, I'm sure 99.99% Indians would love to see such clear speaking person as Sachin in politics. India need such politicians who speak the language of unity, and who do not divide people just to come to power, who do not resort to violence just because they think they are a majority somewhere.