Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unique ID project 'Aadhaar' launched

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Terror In Uniform

Parmar was trapped by the police. He was asked to drive his car, which was intercepted. A revolver, two cartridges and a plastic bag with narcotics were found in the car. He was booked under the NDPS Act

Police State: Terror in Uniform

Policemen or Criminals

About 200 criminal cases have been registered against policemen in the city in the past three years, with offences ranging from minor ones to serious crimes like molestation, possessing drugs and abduction.
According to information received under the Right to Information Act, 2,297 instances have come to notice between 2007 and May 2010 in which at least 2,350 policemen, including assistant commissioner of police level officers, have been issued show-cause notices, faced departmental inquiries or criminal cases.
A total of 199 criminal cases were registered against policemen for offences like allegedly extorting money, involvement in dowry harassment cases, beating up youths, molesting girls and taking bribes during the period.
A maximum of 795 cases were registered in 2007, followed by 552 in 2009 and 505 in 2008. A total of 126 such cases were registered between January and May this year.
Exercising his Right to Information, Ashwini Shrivastava has asked Delhi police departmental enquiry cell to provide information on number of disciplinary action or inquiry initiated against police personnel between 2007 and May 2010.
The applicant had also asked about the details of criminal cases and penalty imposed against police personnel during the period.
The reply said that maximum of departmental actions or inquiries were initiated or show-cause notices and criminal cases registered against constables, head constables and assistant sub-inspectors. There were also cases against senior officers like Inspector and ACP-level officers.
Some of the reasons that figured in the reply include performing duty under the influence of alcohol, possessing heroin, losing wireless set, misbehaving with seniors, losing identity cards twice or thrice, kidnapping minor, dowry harassment and dereliction of duty.
As per the RTI reply, most of the inquiries are pending for over two years with the units concerned despite police commissioner YS Dadwal's directive to complete them on time.
Senior officials concerned with the departments remain tight-lipped on the RTI response and refused to divulge further details.
When contacted, joint commissioner of police (vigilance) N Dilip Kumar toldPTI, "The department takes serious action against anybody found involved in corrupt practices or other offences."

An earlier RTI application filed by the applicant had revealed that Delhi Police and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) are most corrupt bodies, according to the number of graft cases filed by Delhi government's Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) in the last three years.
As many as 59 corruption related cases were filed against Delhi police personnel followed by 27 against MCD employees by the ACB between 2007 and May 2010.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gets world statesman award

He said Singh’s economic policies have helped India’s rise within the new G-20 world, and helped produce a doubling of US-India bilateral trade in just a few years.
“And Prime Minister Singh’s advocacy of cooperation in high technology and science led to the recent launch of India’s first unmanned lunar probe, which carried a NASA payload and discovered presence of water molecules on the moon,” Burns said.
The new generation, which has access to technical knowhow, does not feel encouraged to join politics. But only if the young raise their voice or participate wholeheartedly in politics, all the burning problems of the country can be solved.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Today evening while me along with my friends were sitting near the parking area of the beach which is on the beach near Panthanivas Hotel, a police jeep arrived and the officer in it said “Why are you all sitting here? You were told not to sit here? There were problems arising because of you people sitting here”. Then I along with my friends dispersed from there. I don’t know what kind of order is it. Is this order legal? Why we were told to not sit there which is a public place to sit and relax. What kind of preventive measure it is! There were complete darkness at the beach, and the local government is not doing anything about it. And there is no police men also in this side of the beach to maintain security. Shame on Orissa government. Shame in the name of development which it is claiming. Will filing a Public Interest Litigation help? Will it help to evict the part of the beach which is encroached by the some hotels who considers this beach as their father’s property?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Serving the country should be the main aim.

“Becoming prime minister is not the only job in the world. There are many other things to do,” the charismatic Gandhi said in reponse to a question of a student of the Visva Bharati central university.

Serving the country should be the main aim, he stressed at the 90-minute interactive session with students.

"I am currently involved in a full-time job. But I find everybody everywhere nowadays likes to offer me new job. I have even been given an offer of intervening in the Commonwealth Games,"

"And Kashmir is not a part-time problem. When I am given a task, I would like to settle down and understand the problem in detail," he said.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kashmir is a tough place and Omar is a youngster, give him time and support: Rahul

"The government has supported Omar Abdullah. National Conference is the party in power. He is a youngster. Kashmir is a difficult place. Omar is doing a tough job and he should be given time and support," Gandhi told a press conference when asked whether Omar had failed. 

To a question on AFSPA, Gandhi said he would "defer to the Prime Minister on the subject. I would say the Prime Minister has knowledge on the subject. I would lower my head. The Prime Minister has more knowledge on the subject".

He said, "It is a complex issue and he would not like to say whether he wanted it or did not want. It would be unfair on my part to do so irresponsible". 

"It is for senior people like the Prime Minister to comment on that. For me to say I am for or against would be unfair or irresponsible," Gandhi told a questioner. 

The real issue is illegal mining. It is criminal.

"What was going on there is illegal. It is not a issue of corporate versus tribals. The real issue is illegal mining. It is criminal," Gandhi said in reply to a question at a press conference here. 

 "I have a soft corner for all Indians. But there are some Indians who do not get the same kind of benefits as others do,"

Gandhi said, "We cannot allow transfer of land from poor to rich with no benefits going to the poor." 

He said, "You need to acquire land for development of roads and railways. It is a fact. Harayana has a new land acquisition policy which is helpful for the poor. But in UP people had to give away land for Rs 400 per decimal which is worth thousands"

Rahul said, "We are working on a new land acquisition bill where people get to share the benefits."

Asked about rising prices of essential commodities, he said that prices were in fact going down and inflation had decreased to 8.5 per cent. 

"It will be go down further. The monsoons have also been good. Things are looking up."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

If farmers are deprived of their land-based livelihood, they must be provided with adequate compensation and alternative occupations

Farmers should get adequate compensation for their land, Congress president Sonia Gandhi said Thursday and stressed that the environment should be protected to ensure sustainable development.

'New industry and new infrastructure cannot be built without acquiring land. This is obvious,' she said, adding that land acquisition must be done in a manner that it does not result in the loss of large tracts of fertile and productive agricultural lands indispensable for growing food grains needed to feed the people.

'And if farmers are deprived of their land-based livelihood, they must be provided with adequate compensation and alternative occupations,' Gandhi said here while speaking as a chief guest at a function to dedicate 'National Capital Thermal Power Project, Dadri' to the nation.

Noting that the environment must be protected to ensure sustainable development, she said: 'In whatever we do, we must not forget that our lush forests and mountains, majestic rivers and all other water sources and clean air have sustained and nurtured us for millennia.'

'We have a responsibility to preserve them for the coming generations,' Gandhi said

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good education is just not the right for certain people; everybody has equal right to it.

"Good education is just not the right for certain people; everybody has equal right to it. We should learn from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, and this kind of education should be provided in other government schools also," she said.

She also underlined that education provided to children must be in accordance with the changes happening in the world especially with regard to new technology and new techniques.

Kapil Sibal, stated that the late Rajiv Gandhi considered providing quality education for deprived children his foremost duty. "It was in this context that the government decided to open a JNV in every district of the country as part of the National Policy on Education, 1986."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Supreme Court should not get into the realm of policy formulation

“I do recognise that food should be available to the people below poverty line at concessional prices. We have not allowed any increase in the issue price of food grain to people below poverty line since 2004,” he said. Making food available free would destroy the incentive for farmers to produce more. And if there was no food available, there would be nothing to distribute, he added.

“This is just the type of activism which creates problems for everybody. I wish the court had given some thought on how the order can be implemented,” he had said.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

States need to enforce provisions of the PFA Act strictly.

He drew the attention of health ministers to the most critical subject of population stabilization in the country and requested them to discuss this issue in state legislatures, Zilla Parishads and Panchayats to build up a broad-based political consensus for population stabilization.

He urged states to concentrate on implementing laws governing the age of marriage, and encourage young couples to delay their first child and maintain spacing between the first and second child.

Expressing concern at the menace of spurious drugs and adulteration of food, he called upon the state health ministers to enforce provisions of the PFA Act strictly.

He emphasized the need for strengthing the enforcement machinery by filling up the vacant posts of food and drug inspectors and by upgrading the laboratories with proper equipment and trained personnel.

Azad also assured that his ministry would engage in discussions with the Board of Governors of the Medical Council of India to explore the possibility of further liberalization in existing norms. (ANI)