Saturday, December 5, 2009

India to decide on its role in Afghanistan: US

Friday, December 4, 2009

We face in the sub-continent the onset of terrorism aided, inspired and instigated by our neighbour.

Ahead of this three-day official visit to Russia starting Sunday, Singh without naming Pakistan said that India faced an "onset" of terrorism aided, inspired and instigated by that country.

"We believe that Russia being a great power can influence the conduct of Pakistan. Our hope is that Russia's influence will be utilised to convince Pakistan that the strategy of using terror as an instrument of state policy is counter-productive, " Singh said in an interview to the Russian media on the eve of his visit.

Singh, who will be in Russia on his sixth visit as prime minister since he assumed office in 2004. said, "We face in the sub-continent the onset of terrorism aided, inspired and instigated by our neighbour."
On India's part, Singh said that if Pakistan territory ceases to be used by terrorists India saw immense opportunities for the two countries to work together in cooperation.

"There are immense opportunities of expanding trade, investment and technology flow between our two countries." he said.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Show sensitivity to tribals while fighting against Maoists, Chidambaram tells CRPF

Kadarpur (Haryana) With security forces preparing to launch a multi-state coordinated offensive against Naxals, Home Minister P Chidambaram today said they need to ensure that the poor and tribals do not suffer in the fight against Maoist violence.
“While you should be firm, decisive and unrelenting in dealing with those who indulge in violence, you should show a great degree of sensitivity, patience and maturity to the poor people, especially the tribals,” Chidambaram said.
He was speaking at the 70th Raising Day celebrations of the Central Reserve Police Force that would be at the forefront of the anti-Naxal operation.
Noting that the people of the country have the constitutional right to choose their leaders, he said, “As custodians of the constitution we have moral, ethical and legal responsibility to ensure that the writ of the constitution runs through the length and breadth of the country.”
“The biggest challenge before you (CRPF personnel) is how well and successful you are able to reach out the tribal and the poor people and the marginalised,” the minister said, adding the forces have to convince such people of their rights as a legitimate citizen of the country.

Give security forces respect: Chidambaram

Mumbai, Nov 26 (PTI) Union Home Minister P Chidambaram today said each target of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks was chosen carefully to create maximum impact and lauded the sacrifice of security forces to blunt the designs of the terrorists.

"The adversary chose the target carefully which included two iconic buildings and a place which millions of 'aam admi' use," the home minister said.

Praising the security forces, he said, "What does a policeman want? What do our security forces want? Be it the army jawan who stands on glaciers or in jungles of Assam, men who guard naval bases, or men who keep vigil in the skies: respect.

"I ask people of Mumbai, Maharashtra and India: give respect to policemen.