Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PM ready to appear before PAC in 2G issue

PM speaks at plenary session

Friday, December 17, 2010

This statement of BJP is a big lie. Rahul has always spoken the words of unity and oneness, and brotherhood. Its BJP and the groups which is associated with it which is dividing India in the name of religion and regionalism to come to power. It is this feeling of hatred which is causing all trouble and terrorism, the hatred which many have for Pakistan. We need to learn to love our neighbor as ourselves. The spirit of brotherhood should be there with us.

Terrorism and communalism of all types is a threat India. We need to remain vigilant against acts of terrorism of all kinds, no matter who commits them._______Rahul Gandhi

Monday, December 13, 2010

We should not do anything that will denigrate the institution of the Prime Minister.

“It is a painful fact that corruption seems to be widespread and I feel strongly that it is our responsibility as well as that of each and every political party to together, seriously, device a way - a mechanism to curb this growing menace,” Ms. Gandhi said.

Ms. Gandhi said “Congress has always stood for transparency and probity. And we have made it clear that there will be absolutely no tolerance for corruption or misconduct.
Even when no charge has been established or no misconduct has been proved, we have asked ministers and chief ministers to step down, pending enquiry.”

“We should not do anything that will denigrate the institution of the Prime Minister. We cannot sacrifice institutions at the altar of political expediency”, Ms. Gandhi said.

Stepping up the attack on the BJP on the issue of corruption, Gandhi said, “Can the BJP make the same claim in Karnataka where corruption is rampant? Let us not forget that it was during the BJP-led NDA that a senior minister resigned after the defence scam was exposed but was re-instated even as the inquiry was underway.

“And what about some of the leaders in the same party caught in camera taking money and later rehabilitated? The list is endless,” she said in reference to former BJP President Bangaru Laxman.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not letting Parliament function is not at all a right given to opposition under the Constitution.

It is unfortunate that opposition can hold parliament from functioning. Whereas this power is given to nobody. This is people’s parliament. And no one should hold it hostage. The government or the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the Presiding officer of Rajya Sabha should make rules to prevent any mischievous element from preventing the Parliament to function. How can some people be allowed to waste the public money and hold parliament from functioning. How can government or the Speaker of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha allow such people do such act repeatedly. Not letting Parliament function is not all a right given to opposition under the Constitution. The action of the Opposition for all these waste of public money and time is unconstitutional. This can not be democracy. Not letting the Parliament to function can never be part of a democracy. This is barbaric. This shows that the opposition has no faith in democratic form of government. The Speaker should let Parliament function by evicting the indiscipline members from the House. Is the Speaker helpless! If so let the Government make new rules to prevent misuse of the House. We know that opposition is responsible for such a huge waste, but its high time the Speaker need to make new rules to let Parliament function. Parliament is not meant to make slogans only.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Same ruling party in state & Centre for speedy progress: Rahul

"The Centre has never neglected any non-Congress ruled state including Orissa," Gandhi said while responding to a question of a student during an interactive session in Berhampur University.
"Do not worry about elderly persons. The door is open for youths. Let youths join politics in larger numbers," the Congress general secretary said during an interaction with students at Saheed Bhavan in Cuttack.

"Our Prime Minister is an elderly person, but he works like a youth," he said while replying to a question on elderly persons occupying positions in political parties.

Voicing confidence that youth could bring change in politics and also contribute in nation building, Gandhi said the elders were never a hindrance for them.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

We cannot afford to allow Taliban to comeback

"We cannot afford to allow Taliban to comeback. No one stand benefited if civil war raises its ugly head...we must succeed," he said. Noting that one cannot stand still if India wants to move ahead in 21st century, he said, "India, Brazil, Germany, Japan, some representatives of Africa and Arab world must be in UN Security Council."
Sarkozy showered praise on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying the Indian leader was obsessed with peace through development and eradication of poverty.
"I have great admiration for Prime Minister Singh. I value his friendship. He is right in believing in peace and stability. India's challenge is that if you succeed through peace, it will have a huge knock-out effect on the world," he said.
India and France are united by common values and believe that international relations should not be governed by brutality or force and it should be based on dialogue and rule of law, Sarkozy said adding the relationship between the two countries should go much further.