Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The era of violence and terrorism is coming to an end.

 I believe that the IT Sector in JandK can be as developed as in other states of the country. We will fully support the efforts of the State in this area. I am happy that more than 600 youth of the State trained under a Central Government project have been employed in the IT sector recently.
I am happy to announce that the Government of India has decided to set up two Central Universities in JandK, one in Jammu and one in Kashmir. 
Let us build Kashmir into one of the world's top tourist destinations. 

The era of violence and terrorism is coming to an end. The public sentiment is for peace and for a peaceful resolution of all problems. 

I had also said that I was ready to discuss all issues with Pakistan. I did so not because of weakness but from a position of strength. We had the most fruitful and productive discussions ever with the Government of Pakistan during the period 2004-07 when militancy and violence began to decline. Intensive discussions were held on all issues including on a permanent resolution of the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. 
For the first time in 60 years, people were able to travel by road across the LoC. Divided families were re-united at the border. Trade between the two sides of Kashmir began. In fact, our overall trade with Pakistan increased three times during 2004-07. The number of visas that we issued to Pakistanis doubled during the same period. An additional rail link was re-established.

These are not small achievements given the history of our troubled relationship with Pakistan. Inside the valley, as militancy declined, trade, business and tourism began to pick up. We were moving in the right direction. For the first time there was a feeling among the people that a durable and final peace was around the corner.
However, all the progress that we achieved has been repeatedly thwarted by acts of terrorism. The terrorists want permanent enmity to prevail between the two countries. The terrorists have misused the name of a peaceful and benevolent religion. Their philosophy of hate has no place here. It is totally contrary to our centuries old tradition of tolerance and harmony among faiths. 

I strongly believe that the majority of people in Pakistan seek good neighbourly and cooperative relations between India and Pakistan. They seek a permanent peace. This is our view as well. 

We will press the government of Pakistan to curb the activities of those elements that are engaging in terrorism in India. If they are non-state actors, it is the solemn duty of the government of Pakistan to bring them to book, to destroy their camps and to eliminate their infrastructure. The perpetrators of the acts of terror must pay the heaviest penalty for their barbaric crimes against humanity. 
It is a misplaced idea that one can reach a compromise with the ideology of the terrorists or that they can be used for one's own political purpose. Eventually they turn against you and bring only death and destruction. The real face of the terrorists is clear for the people of Pakistan to see with their own eyes.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ideas are always welcome--------not baseless criticism

If the the government has ran out of ideas, it is always welcome to ideas. How many ideas were given by the opposition in past six years to tackle Naxalism! Who is the Satyagrahi here? Naxals!

'Delayed medical attention hurt forces morale'

You send them in, you can't bring them out," says a senior officer. "Morale of the police is in the boots. A policeman is beheaded and 17 killed yesterday, but are there any tears shed for the police? Not one human rights organisation has condemned the killings. Police life is dirt cheap.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

18 policemen killed in shootout with Naxals

Naxalism connected to govt’s inability to reach out: Rahul

On the growing naxal activities in the country the AICC general secretary said that Naxalism would not take over if there was proper development. Naxalism is growing since the fruits of development are not reaching the people.We have to reach out to the people and their problems to curb Naxalism. If the people are closer to the political system, then Naxal activities will naturally come down, he added.

"There are experts in the government who know how to combat Naxalism. But my view is that there is a connection between Naxalism and local governments' inability to reach out to people and lack of development", Gandhi said.  

Chidambaram also said that it was the responsibility of the Government to take care of police officers’ family.  

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Motor Vehicle Act may see changes in licensing and taxation norms

The major areas of change were expected to be in the area of penalties imposed for traffic violations, the increase of compensation to accident victims and delegating greater power to the state government in case of the Motor Vehicle Act which is on the concurrent list.